2016 PCM 2.1 Map Update USA Maps


Audi Wants Nvidia For Creating 3D Navigation

Audi’s new Q5 sports navigation graphics empowered by chip-maker Nvidia, along with a radically updated dashboard interface, which Audi calls the Multimedia Interface, or MMI. More »





LATEST 2016-2 eMyWay WIPNav RT6

2016-2 Citroen-Peugeot SatNav eMyWay-WIPNav-RT6 (USB) TOUCHSCREEN 7″Europe Maps More »

Audi Europe Navigation DVD for MMI 2G Systems. Part No. 4E0 060 884 DB Year: 2013 More »

Latest 2013/2014 version of maps, and most precise directions to wherever you go. This version is including new roads, new sub-divisions, and current addresses. Newest and expanded coverage for cities and metropolitan areas across the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are also included) More »


2012 Mercedes Benz APS NTG2 Comand Europe v.12.0

2012 Mercedes Benz APS NTG2 Comand Europe v.12.0

2012 Mercedes Benz APS NTG2 Comand Europe v.12.0 This DVD is filled to the bring navigation data updates for 34 countries in Europe, with streets and roads, towns, villages and countless points(POI):


Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican City, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland.

NTG 2 Version 12 – 2012-2013
A169 827 83 59

For Mercedes Models/Not with 2009 HDD !

  • A-Klasse >09/2004,<07/2008

  • B-Klasse <07/2008

  • C-Klasse >04-2004,<03/2007

  • CLK-Klasse >06/2004

  • CLC-Klasse <10/2008

  • G-Klasse 03/2007,<09/2008

  • GL-Klasse <07/2008

  • M-Klasse >07/2005,<07/2008

  • R-Klasse <07/2008

  • Sprinter >01/2006,<11/2009

  • Smart Forfour >03/2004,<07/2006

  • Vito.Viano >04/2006,<11/2010


UPDATE AVAILABLE 2013 / 2014 Version 15.0 LATEST !

For American and Canada version navigation maps check on my USA Mercedes Benz Navigation post.


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2012 Mercedes-Benz North America-Canada Map DVD Harman Becker Comand NTG1 v.11

2012 Mercedes Benz North America and Canada Map DVD Harman Becker For Comand NTG1 Version 11


Get accurate directions to wherever you travel including new roads, new sub-divisions, and current addresses. New and expanded coverage in over 44 cities and metropolitan areas across North America. This exciting new update provides access to an updated list of over 2.95 million Points of Interest to help you find the way to where you want to go quickly and efficiently.

This release features over 6.43 million miles of road network coverage across the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It also contains over 116,000 new miles of verified roads giving you the confidence to drive through unfamiliar or recently changed areas.


Version 2012 COMAND NTG 1

Catalog # U0028-0070-109

BQ 6 46 0263

A211 827 41 65

FOR Mercedes-Benz:

  • MY03 – MY08 E-Sedan
  • MY04 – MY08 E-Wagon
  • MY05 – MY08 SLK-Class
  • MY06 – MY08 CLS-Class




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New 2013 BMW Navigation Professional and ConnectedDrive FAQ

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW Navigation Professional and ConnectedDrive Faq


BMW ConnectedDriveBMW ConnectedDrive has been setting the pace in the field of automotive connectivity for many years now, and is renowned for forward-looking in-car concepts and technologies that maximise customer benefit. The new functions mark another milestone in the BMW ConnectedDrive success story and once again demonstrate how the BMW Group is striving to retain its status as the leading innovator in this area.

• The new generation of the BMW Navigation system Professional boasts more powerful and impressive performance than ever, featuring a design rendered entirely in 3D, a modified display and control concept as well as a host of extra Navigation, Office and Multimedia functions.

Dictation function with full speech recognition system: for the first time, the driver is able to compose short texts for emails and SMS messages while driving by simply dictating them. Meanwhile, the function for recording voice memos then sending them by email ensures that any flashes of inspiration at the wheel can be instantly preserved.

BMW iDrive Touch Controller: following the addition of a multi-touch touchpad, not only does the Controller allow characters to be entered with the finger, it lets drivers navigate in maps and websites or magnify them.

• Product debut: the BMW LTE Car Hotspot ushers in the next generation of mobile internet. This particular accessory makes the BMW Group the first car manufacturer to bring the ultimate in high-speed mobile internet to the road – and, what’s more, for every BMW.

• Integration of smartphone applications from third parties: the BMW Group’s Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitates the integration of third-party apps into the vehicle’s native control and display logic, allowing drivers to use their favourite apps in their car, too.

BIMMERPOST Staff Annotation:

The list of hardware upgrades (vs. the current) which will power these upgrades include:

  • Intel processor 1.3Ghz vs Renesas 600Mhz
  • 1GB RAM (vs 512Mb)
  • 8GB flash (vs 512Mb)
  • Nvidia graphics (vs Fujitsu)
  • 200GB hard drive (vs 80Gb)


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BMW Debuts Message Dictation Function

BMW Message dictation function

BMW Message dictation function


BMW Message dictation functionThe new generation of the BMW Navigation system Professional adds various new speech functions to the BMW ConnectedDrive Mobile Office portfolio, most notably a dictation function that employs a full speech recognition system to simply transcribe the driver’s words. The dictated text can then be sent by SMS or email. There is furthermore a voice memo function for making recordings up to two minutes long, which can then either be sent in an email or archived. Meanwhile, the new, more intuitive voice control allows virtually all functions of the BMW Navigation system Professional to be operated more simply, easily, quickly and, most importantly, safely than ever.

Dictation function – writing by speaking.

People are communicating increasingly by email or SMS, both privately and for business. The BMW Mobile Office functions already made it possible to have messages from a Bluetooth-connected mobile device displayed in the vehicle and read out. With the arrival of an automotive world first in the form of the dictation function, this feature is now complemented by a full speech recognition system. For the first time, this gives drivers the ability to dictate text freely and compose short text-based messages simply by saying what they wish to write.

Using a mobile device to write messages while at the wheel is a dangerous distraction from what’s happening on the road, which is precisely why it is prohibited in many countries. The dictation function changes all that, however, as it allows short emails or text messages to be composed quickly, easily and, above all, safely while on the move all by the power of speech – with no need for drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off the road.

The multilingual dictation function can recognize text read out in six languages at present. Just as with similar desktop applications, punctuation marks and instructions such as “new line” can be dictated, too, if the driver wishes to obtain an end result that is grammatically correct and easy to read.

The speech recognition technology is supplied by the company Nuance under the name Dragon Drive! Messaging, and the recognition work is performed on a remote server while the text is still being dictated. The sheer volume of the cloud server’s vocabulary is of tremendous benefit for a full speech recognition system, as it allows it to draw on millions of words without having to take up any memory space or computing power in the vehicle. Just a few seconds after dictation has been completed, the transcribed text will appear in the display and can also be read out if desired. Needless to say, drivers have a number of easy-to-use editing tools at their disposal for conveniently putting the final touches to emails and SMS messages.

Voice memos and more intuitive voice control.

The range of office functions offered by BMW ConnectedDrive has been expanded by another speech-based feature, too. The voice memo function, in contrast to the dictation function, allows the driver to make direct voice recordings of up to two minutes in length and send them straight away by email if required.

The great beauty of this is that it allows the driver to make a quick note of any ideas or to-do lists with an additional facility for forwarding them to whoever they may concern – without any great distraction from what’s happening on the road. Alternatively, drivers can simply take the recorded memos with them on a USB stick when they leave the vehicle.

The improved voice control offered by the Navigation system Professional is designed to enable more intuitive operation of practically all functions by allowing the driver to phrase commands or questions in whole sentences (in German or English at present) and call up multiple functions with a single utterance, in the same way that the navigation destination can be entered with just one statement. The result is a voice control system that is even more intuitive and easy and convenient to use, making it safer too.

All the driver has to do to phone someone, for example, is say the command: “Connect me with John Smith”, whereupon the system recognises both the desire to make a phone call and the person the driver wishes to speak to. This works regardless of which order the first and surnames are registered in. The system then double-checks that the displayed number should be dialled before placing the call. The already sophisticated method of destination entry has also been further simplified and speeded up.

The prompt “Navigate to London, 63 Park Lane” is sufficient to complete entry of the navigation destination. It is even possible to start composing an email or SMS message by voice control regardless of the current position in the menu structure. This can also be done by stating the intended recipient’s name when in Contacts and selecting their email address, which the system then automatically adds to the address field.

All that now remains to do is to enter the subject and text of the message using the dictation function. The upshot of this is that speech can now be used to activate or initiate virtually all functions and actions – from tuning in to a radio station to modifying route criteria. What’s more, the system is as unerring in its answers to questions such as “How do I adjust the sound settings?” and “Are there any traffic messages” (when in the map view) as it is with system-related queries instigated with a simple “Help” or “What can I say here?”

Voice control at the BMW Group.

The BMW Group has built up many years of experience with voice control of vehicle functions. The introduction of full-word commands in 2006 was followed by a further milestone in 2009, when the BMW Group became the world’s first carmaker to offer a system capable of understanding an entire address – i.e. town, house number and street – read out in one go. By so doing, the BMW Group once again set a new standard for rapid, precise entry of navigation destinations.

The voice-controlled search for music on the internal hard drive introduced in 2009 was another unique feature, and in 2010, voice control was extended again to include external music players. The overriding aim of voice control is to facilitate easy, quick and, most importantly, safe operation of the increasingly complex array of infotainment functions, especially for navigation, entertainment and telephony/communication applications.

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