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2012-2013 Nissan Xanavi DVD Navigation System X6 Europe

2012-2013 Nissan Xanavi DVD Navigation System X6 Europe Latest



JUST RELEASED LATEST 2012-2013 EDITION. This DVD is version Xanavi X6 and contains map data for Europe.

Nissan Xanavi X6.0 Navigation Unit


Please double check your previous disc to ensure this is the correct product for your system. The Xanavi X6.0 and X7.0 are separate systems.

From the wilderness of Scotland to the French Rivera and from the fiords of Norway to the tip of Italy, make this a map update from NAVTEQ the ultimate driving companion. You can reassuringly cruise across the breathtaking and diverse countryside, or simply navigate your way around the assorted mixture of towns and cities.

TMC available in:  Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Switzerland

It is compatible with the following Nissan cars:

  • – NISSAN 350z Roadster 2003-2005
  • – NISSAN Almera 2004-2010
  • – NISSAN Murano 2005- 2006
  • – NISSAN Pathfinder 2002-2004
  • – NISSAN Patrol 2002- 2005
  • – NISSAN Primera 2003- 2010
  • – NISSAN Tino 2004- 2010
  • – NISSAN Xtrail 2003- 2005

Coverage details:

This DVD is your navigation partner of choice whilst driving in Europe for either business or pleasure. TMC available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Switzerland



Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.


Installation for this disc is just a simple case of removing your old disc and inserting the new, your firmware will auto update and takes just a few minutes, once complete you will have the most upto date map and poi data base.


If your sat nav navigation is more then a year old it may be time to update. If you decide to buy the new Nissan Navigation Update on DVD you will benefit from not only all the latest changes to the road network since you last updated, but also thousands of Points of Interest files (POIs) which offer you interesting and useful places to visit on your journey.

The POIs are updated with each new release of the Nissan GPS Update Disc and include items such as ATM locations, business addresses, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, and tourist attractions – all of which can be navigated to at the touch of a button. The POI database is fully searchable and you can find an item whilst on route as the Nissan GPS will display all the destinations that are nearest to your current location.


  • Units that have never been updated and start up with a boot screen displaying a globe with satellite should update the system software first ! contact us to include this CD.
  • Units that start up with a NISSAN boot screen do not require the update.



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