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2014 Mercedes Benz NTG4-204 COMAND V.11

2014 Mercedes Benz NTG4-204 COMAND V.11

2014 Mercedes Benz NTG4-204 COMAND V.11 A2048279859


Three DVDs with navigation data for 34 countries in Europe, with streets and roads, towns , villages, and many POIs .

Whole of Western Europe is covered with the 2013/2014 version !

About 9.3 million kilometers of road navigation in 2013 version known throughout Europe.

In Eastern Europe, in addition to the Baltic States , Greece, Croatia, Poland , the Slovak Republic, Slovenia , the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania also fully covered.

With version 2013 91.434 cities and municipalities are to be controlled . Nearly 2.9 million particularly important targets are included on the DVD, for example, gas stations, parking lots, museums , restaurants and hospitals. Compared to the old version so that now approximately 502 834 more POIs are available. Only 22,886 restaurants and 40,327 Nightlife POIs are also included in the new version 2013/2014.

NTG4-204 Comand V.11 2013 /2014 A2048279859-TMC

Version : A2048279859

Colour Code (Farbcode) Violett, Region Europe


Compatible cars:

  • C-Class (W/S204),
  • GLK (X204),
  • SLS (C/R197)


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