2013 Mercedes Benz AUDIO 50 APS NTG4 (204) DVD v13.0

AUDIO 50 APS NTG4(204) DVD v13.0

AUDIO 50 APS NTG 4 DVD v13.0 2012-2013

AUDIO 50 APS NTG4(204) DVD v13.0
A204 827 04 65


With the new navigation DVD for the AUDIO 50 APS (NTG4-204) we bring the navigation on the best booth with more countries and distances than ever before. The new Mercedes DVD contains navigation data for 34 countries in Europe, with streets and roads, towns, villages and many POI’s.

Western Europe is covered by the version 2012/2013!

Approximately 8 million kilometers of road in Europe knows the navigation version 2012/2013.

In Eastern Europe, in addition to the Baltic states, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece are from this version also Croatia almost completely covered.

With the update approximately 690,000 cities and towns need to be controlled. Also the opportunity to be directed precisely to the desired house number has been extended. Over 2 million more important goals in nearly 60 categories are included on the DVD, for example, gas stations, parking lots, museums, restaurants and hospitals.

Alone 582,133 134,857 hotels and restaurants can be selected in the new version 2012/2013. Thus, the navigation displays can also design the fastest way to 3323 Mercedes-Benz service partners.

Based on the data from the Traffic Message Channel takes into account the current traffic navigation warnings for motorways and automatically calculates detours. This convenient service is now available in 12 countries.


Part NO:A204 827 04 65


  • W/S 204, C-Klasse – 03/2007 > 03/2011
  • X 204, GLK-Klasse – 10/2008 > 07/2011

AUDIO 50 APS Software 49/08 or more recent is required to have before update.



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