Audi RNS-E Navigation FAQ

Audi RNS-E Navigation FAQ

Audi RNS-E Navigation Question & Answers

Audi RNS-E Navigation FAQNavigation Plus:

Your general overview of the RNS-E and the useful features it provides.

The Audi Navigation Plus is a DVD based navigation system which became available as an option on US MY2005 or 2005.5 and onward A3/A4 automobiles. The A6 and A8 also use a similar built in MMI system which is basically the same as the RNS-E. First released in Europe in the earlier platform cars, the RNS-E is the successor to the older RNS-D, and the CD based Navigation Plus, which was only available in Europe and the US Audi Navigation found in TT’s, S4’s, A6’s, and A8 model line cars.

Q: What is the RNS-E?
A: The RNS-E is an Audi DVD based navigation system. The unit utilizes two SD card slots for MP3 playback.

Q: How do I know if this navigation will fit my car?
A: If you currently have a Symphony II head unit you will have no problem fitting the RNS-E into the console. If you have the Concert II head unit or any of the older single DIN OEM head units this operation will not be a plug and play install.

Q: What model RNS-E should I get?
A: 8P0 035 192 Audi A3 Europe: 8P
8P0 035 192 A Audi A3 Europe (MY 2006, without SDS) 8P
8P0 035 192 C Audi A3 North America (Basic, MY 2006) 8P *
8P0 035 192 F Audi A3 Europe (MY 2006, with SDS) 8P
8E0 035 192 C Audi A4 Europe (B6/B7) Most common
8E0 035 192 D Audi A4 Europe (B7, MY 2006, without SDS)
8E0 035 192 E Audi A4 North America (B7, MY 2005.5)
8E0 035 192 F Audi A4 North America (B7, MY 2006, with SDS?) *
8E0 035 192 J Audi A4 North America (B7, MY 2006, with SDS?) *
8E0 035 192 H Audi A4 Europe (B7, MY 2006, with SDS)
4B0 035 192 P Audi A6 Europe, C5 and Allroad (A4 B5 with faceplate mod)
4B0 035 192 R Audi A6 North America, C5 and Allroad (A4 B5 with faceplate mod)
*Unconfirmed, part number and description may not be correct.

Q: Does the RNS-E play CDs?
A: Yes the navigation DVD drive will play regular or burned CDs however only when the DVD map is removed from the drive.

Q: What are SD card slots used for?
A: A Secure Digital card, or SD as they call it, is a removable media storage card which allows the user to save MP3 files and play them back through their RNS-E unit. SD cards can be purchased in a range of storage capacity from as little as 16mb to 8gb (8 thousand megabytes). Price obviously coincides with storage size.

Q: Where can I get the DVD map by NavTeq?
A: The best place to source this map disk is on or from NavTeq /HERE directly(they are expensive),Or From This Site.

Q: Can I use satellite radio with the RNS-E?
A: Yes, although all RNS-E units are satellite radio ready, to allow for it to work on the Euro RNS-E you will need to flash the unit to US spec. Reason for this is that in Europe they do not offer satellite radio services so only US RNS-E units were able to link to receivers. You will need to have the most updated receivers as well model numbers are Sirius 8E0 057 593D, XM Part No. 8E0 057 593E

Q: Does the RNS-E provide the option of a telephone?
A: To operate and integrate a telephone you will need to acquire proper Audi Motorola phone and module. Parts are available at your Audi parts dept. See below for proper part number. Phone directory is displayed directly on your RNS-E screen and allows for names, numbers, and addresses to be stored for instant connection.

Q: Can my RNS-E utilize Bluetooth technology?
A: Yes, to get a wireless Bluetooth connection between your RNS-E and your Bluetooth hardware you will need to purchase the Bluetooth plug and play wiring harness, receiver module, and microphone for phone usage.

Audio/Video Quick Guide

Q: Since my RNS-E uses DVD based map discs, does it play DVD movies?
A: Unfortunately not, although the drive allows for DVD maps the unit will only read the dual layer map discs put out by NavTeq.

Q: How do I play a CD while the navigation is active?
A: The only way to operate a CD for playback is to use an external CD player. Audi has an OEM glove box unit which holds 6 discs at a time and connects directly to the Navigation. Both the US and European model are confirmed working with the RNS-E. The model numbers are 8E0 035 111 A and 8E0 035 111 D.

Q: Does the RNS-E allow for movies or video games to be viewed?
A: Like any monitor you can hook up an external audio/video source to the navigation system. Acting as an output source, the RNS-E will display movies or video games directly on the screen.

Q: What do I need to allow for video to be displayed?
A: An external video source such as a DVD player or video game console will be needed. Many owners prefer the Blaupunkt ME3 DVD/MP3/TV Tuner/CD player unit. This unit fits directly into your OEM glove box. Check for prices and where to purchase. You will also need a Dietz 1470 multimedia interface. This is the link between the Navigation and the external video source.

Q: Can I watch video while driving?
A: Yes, however you will need the module which allows for video in motion. The part required is the Dietz 1280 video in motion module.

Q: Does the RNS-E allow for me to hook up an audio system?
A: Yes you go about adding speakers, subs, and amps just the same as you would with the Symphony II head unit.

Operating Your Navigation

Q: Can I input address while car is in motion?
A: Yes, unlike BMW and other European navigation systems the RNS-E allows for destination input at any point.

Q: Can I plot a stop over while in route to my end destination?
A: Yes the RNS-E allows for stop over stations during route. You can find location on map or input destination by state>town>street.

Q: By having the RNS-E can I now view navigation instructions on the DIS (driver information system) which is located on the dashboard?
A: Yes, unlike the predecessor RNS-D CD based navigation which required the TMC module, the new RNS-E navigation allows for the DIS to show all necessary information such as; street names, directional arrows, ETA, distance to turn with countdown, and miles on current route guidance. The DIS also provides the track info, artist name and song title, and all service information which was previously available with the toggle switch.

Q: Does the navigation system show destinations such as shopping malls, gas stations, police dept. etcetera?
A: Yes the driver has the option to display any or all of the dozens of categories.

The current Audi Navigation Plus utilizes a user friendly design and is a complete OEM option. It offers the user with a DVD navigation interface with the ability to play DVD maps and audio CD’s. Another popular and unique feature on the RNS-E is the SD card bays located behind the motorized LCD screen. The SD card slots, otherwise known as secure digital, provide the operator to save hundreds or even thousands of MP3 files for immediate playback which can also be categorized in folders and sub folders for easy selection and organization. Artist and track names can be easily displayed on the DIS (Driver Information Display) located in your gauge cluster between tachometer and speedometer. You can set ID Tags to your personal preference even if you wish.


The navigation itself operates off of a single NavTeq DVD map which covers all of the continental US and Canada as well as Alaska and Hawaii. It allows for the option of the OEM glove box mounted 6 disc CD changer, Audi Phatbox, and with proper connections, even your Apple iPod. This does not however limit you to just those options. Video game systems, DVD players, and various other audi video equipment is still an option when working with the system. This unit can be retrofitted for direct plug and play if your car is already equipped with the Symphony II head unit with Bose or non-Bose audio system.

2013 RNS-E Audi Navigation Plus West  is available here or 2013 RNS-E Audi Navigation Plus East.

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