Volkswagen RNS Navigation FAQ

Volkswagen RNS 310 car navigation system


VW RNS 310 NAVIGATION UNIT FAQConsidered one of the best built-in car navigation systems, the RNS 310 has a high resolution 5 inch display which allows for a clear view of the road maps in 2D or 3D according to the driver’s preference. The display has a touchscreen, for even easier access to the menu and options.  In order to suit all preferences, the RNS 310 also can be controlled through push buttons.

An iPOD or any USB flash stick can be attached directly to the RNS 310 through the media-in socket. This will allow the driver and passengers to listen to their favorite music or why not an audio book for a more pleasant trip.  In addition, the RNS 310 has an AUX input socket, through which a CD or MP3 player can easily be plugged in.  The FM radio can memorize 24 stations for quicker and easier access.

If the service is available, the RNS 310 will also allow for real-time traffic information to be received and displayed.  This useful feature will allow the modern RNS 310 to choose the best route for your trip, according to the current traffic situation.

The radio allows for the driver to receive real-time traffic information as well, which will add to the comfort of being guided securely and as easily as possible to the destination of your choice.  Your RNS 310 has the option of offering alternative routes in accordance with the traffic jams.

This smart navigation system, can be used when parking for rear viewing, it can also be utilized as a handsfree for your mobile phone, or simply for the control of the multi media and air conditioning of your Volkswagen.


Volkswagen RNS 510 car navigation system

VW RNS 510 NAVIGATION UNIT FAQThe RNS 510 multimedia control and GPS navigation system for Volkswagen is a guarantee for an easy and comfortable control, and a safe and pleasurable experience for the driver and passengers.  The touchscreen display is TFT and high quality, which allows for excellent 2D or 3D viewing of the road maps and routes.

The split-screen feature is an additional extra, allowing to simultaneously keep an eye on the route, and view other important information or display the menu control for example.  If it is offered as a locally, the navigation system also uses real time traffic information through the radio feeds.  This can be incorporated with the roadmap database, and be used when the RNS 510 calculates and offers the best route for your trip, depending on the current traffic situation.

Apart from the integrated 30GB HD, the RNS 510 has a DVD-ROM drive, for extra memory.  Any format of music can be played – either stored on the hard disk, on an external SD memory card or on a DVD disk.

An additional TV tuner (DVB-T) can be plugged into the RNS 510 for TV support as well.  Apart from being able to watch TV, when the engine is not running, the Teletext information is also a useful resource for both driver and passengers on the road.

The option for adding the Premium Bluetooth mobile phone integration feature to the RNS 510, is another step toward an even safer and more comfortable driving experience.

The RNS510 is an OEM navigation system, manufactured by Continental Automotive and is used in several models of Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Cars.


  • Touch screen user interface
  • 30GB hard disk drive for maps (10GB) and music (20GB)
  • DVD player built-in
  • SD card reader built in for MP3 and WMA music files
  • 6.5″ 16:9 Widescreen display
  • 800 x 480 screen resolution
  • MDI compatible
  • RVC compatible
  • Optical Parking System compatible
  • Dynaudio and VW Sound System compatible
  • Position sensing via ABS sensors
  • Acoustic driving instructions
  • Optical pictograms in the on-board computer display monitor (Highline DIS only)
  • Adjustable radio loudspeaker volume control for the output of driving recommendations
  • Selectable menu language: German, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Selectable road map orientation
  • Guidance to destination “turn by turn”
  • Dynamic navigation which re-routes when there are traffic problems ahead
  • Evaluation of TP and TA
  • TIM: Traffic news memory
  • TMC – Traffic Message Channel
  • POI – Points Of Interest such as petrol stations, airports, train stations, car parks, theaters, shopping centres, cash machines etc etc…)
  • Ability to play music from internal CD/DVD and use GPS at the same time
  • Split screen display – compass/3d map view, gps stats/map, bird’s eye map view/3d map view, etc.
  • RDS/EON VHF (stereo), MW* TP, TA
  • 400 MHz CPU
  • Speech distortion elimination during traffic news
  • 6 x 6 memory presets (TP, FM, AM, on the memory levels 1 and 2)
  • Radio and memory scan
  • 20W x 4 output power (RMS)


Volkswagen RNS 810 navigation and radio system

VW RNS 810 NAVIGATION UNIT FAQThe RNS 810 is a central car control unit, which allows for the easy and comfortable control of the multimedia, the air conditioning and of course the GPS navigation system of the car.

It has a high resolution TFT touchscreen display, which allows for the driver and passengers to easily scroll through the menu options, choose destination points, choose a music file, or turn on the air conditioning with just one touch.

The high quality display allows for a 2D or 3D of the road maps.  The RNS 810 supports radio transmitted traffic information (TMC) in the regions and countries where this service is available.  This real-time information will be used by this smart navigation system, when offering the best, most comfortable and shortest routes to the destination of your choice.

The split-screen function of the RNS 810 display is useful for simultaneously viewing the maps and other additional information or car controls.


Apart from accessing and using the latest road map databases, the integrated 30GB Hard disk, the DVD and the additional SD card slot allow for the loading, storage and playback of music and video files for a perfect multimedia experience while travelling.

The high quality TFT display allows for excellent viewing of movies and videos for the passengers, together with the modern 8 speaker sound system, the multimedia experience is perfect while travelling.

A TV tuner can be added, so that TV or Teletext can be used as well.  There is also a Premium Bluetooth mobile integration option which can be ordered with the RNS 810, which adds additional comfort and safety for the driver.

You can find VW maps here:

Volkswagen Europe and America Navigation DVD Maps.

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